NEWS: Del Bel announces tour to galleries, treehouses, theatres and more

Releases new free download single  
"No Cure For Loneliness" featuring Bry Webb       

Del Bel is a Guelph-meets-Toronto collective of players formed from such bands as Flowers Of Hell, Bry Webb & the Providers, The Happiness Project, Wayne Petti & the Thieves and many others. Their music embodies an eerie cinematic sound infused with darkened soul and a surf rock sensibility.   

This month, Del Bel tours Canada in support of their debut album, Oneiric. The tour, which sees the band performing in diverse and eclectic venues such as  art spaces, galleries, treehouses, theatres and bars, is also in support of Del Bel's latest single release; a "30's-style, one mic, all tape" collaboration featuring a guest appearance by Bry Webb (Constantines).     

"Speaking of the best Canadian albums of the year,[...] Del Bel will undoubtedly be haunting a lot of homes and headphones well into 2012." - Ben Rayner, Toronto Star

"...magical, unique, and easily one of the strongest Canadian albums of the last 12 months." - Michael Barclay, Kitchener-Waterloo Record

OTTAWA - May 11 - Raw Sugar
PETERBOROUGH - May 12 - The Spill 
ROTHESAY - May 15 - Treeshouse
SACKVILLE - May 16 - Legion 
HALIFAX - May 18 - Company House 
MONTREAL - May 19 - Divan Orange 
HULL - May 20 - Le Temporaire 
MONTREAL - May 22 - Theatre Ste Catherine
LONDON - May 26 - Grickle Grass Festival 
TORONTO - June 1 - 918 Bathurst


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