NEWS: Josh Ritter releases EP Bringing In The Darlings


With a smile that lights up the stage and lyrics and melodies that warm the heart, Josh Ritter returns with Bringing In The Darlings. The stripped-down and elegant EP from the incredibly talented songwriter is set for release on February 21, 2012. The album will be available on limited edition CD, 10” vinyl, and digitally, with a special pre-order that will be available to his fans today. Tune in to tonight’s episode of ABC’s Parenthood to get a listen to the album’s beautiful first track, Why.

Recorded and mixed in three days this winter at Homeward Sound Studios in Ritter’s current hometown of Brooklyn, NY, the EP is his first studio recording in several years that does not feature his touring group, the Royal City Band.  The only person in the studio with Ritter was Brooklyn-based producer Josh Kaufman, who contributed most of the other instruments. The result is a beautifully crafted collection of six new heartfelt songs.

Ritter sums up the EP: “I knew I wasn’t making my next album here, but something smaller, and that smallness felt really good.  I was listening to a lot of early Buddy Holly, Ricky Nelson, and the Everly Brothers, and the mood struck me one day to sit down and put to tape some songs that felt graceful and uncomplicated.  Simplicity was what I wanted, musically and lyrically.  During the winter months, simpler fare sticks to the ribs, but hopefully it tastes just as good.”  

In addition to his beautiful music, Ritter, who is already a notable storyteller, transitioned from songwriter to novelist. The summer of 2011 saw the release of his first novel, Bright’s Passage. The book was raved about for its strong narrative and vivid imagery, and hit the New York Times Best Seller list. Keep an eye on the bookshelves for the novel’s paperback release this May.

Get ready to cozy up with Bringing In The Darlings this winter!

Bringing In The Darlings Tracklisting:
1.  Why                                                          
2.  Love Is Making Its Way Back Home      
3.  Darlin‘                                                      
4.  Make Me Down                                       
5.  See Me Through                                      
6.  Can’t Go To Sleep (Without You)              


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