Album Review: Ogenix - Cult

Crushing riffs, intense tom grooves, simplistic yet intricate layers of synth, and catchy melodies. I don’t think it’s ever been done quite like Ogenix do it on their latest release – Cult.

Starting with the title track we fade into a mellow yet panic attack inducing synth as the melody becomes audible more background layers are added. This abruptly changes and becomes a Static –X like (Cannibal era) passage that progressively builds into a chant like chorus which takes a direct stab at the religions built around the figure Jesus Christ. Passing through an electronic interlude and into a hardcore driven breakdown, we enter into a transition into the last chorus. After the final chorus a short transition takes us into the outro which is a heavier reiteration of the intro. All in all it’s a very well arranged piece that combines both melody and aggression in a very balanced way.

“MKT” starts with a Darude style synth beat that seamlessly turns into a thrash riff massacre. Adding back in a synth behind the thrash fest we eventually get into what I think is the main riff (1:44) which is oddly reminiscent of the main riff in the 1986 Transformers theme. This epic riff quickly changes into an instrumental echo drop filled break down, which is directly followed by another blast beat filled thrash section.

The final track “Decay” is arguably the most melodic song on the EP. It begins starts with an eerie sounding synth that wastes no time turning into a quick breakdown. The verse starts off with a soft sound and instantly changes into an angry passage that turns back into the intro break down with the addition of vocals for the first half. Returning with a reiteration of the verse we venture into a tom-backed breakdown that suddenly gallops into a synth and drum section. This is quickly replaced with a variation of the tom breakdown and lastly the outro.

Consisting of Gabriel Duceppe - vocals, synth, Set Landerich – guitars, Dave Hazel – guitars, Salin Gas – drums, Sheenah Ko - live synth, and Jay Martin – bass, Ogenix is a 6-piece Electronic/Metal/Hardcore act hailing from Montreal, Quebec.

Sounding like a combination of Dope, Slipknot, Hatebreed, Madball, and Pendulum, Ogenix’s Cult takes you on a few pretty intense bends. If you enjoy an industrial or hardcore sound you should definitely get your hands on this EP.

Ogenix – Cult poisons its members to a 4 strums out of 5.



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