NEWS: Berserker Lion Presents..HPX No Case at The Open Mic House!

It’s Pop Explosion season! So let’s get together for a musical event.

A pre-drink-and-be-merry fun fest.

Pre-drink for what you might ask? How about Ben Caplan’s album release at The Company House, or a little Dan Mangan at St. Matt’s? There are so many things to choose from!

Join us on Thursday, Oct. 20th from 5pm - 7pm. Quite possibly the best dinner show you’ve ever seen in your life. For free. Not kidding.

Bring food. Bring booze. Bring Festival cheer!

Featuring amazing performances by:

Seamus Erskine:

An eclectic mix of rock & roll, psychedelic sound collages, delicate acoustic passages and twisted themes inspired by a summer of David Lynch movies,wheat beer and loneliness.

Julia Feltham:

A singing cellist. She'll haunt yer dreams with her songs, and fix your back with her hugs.


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