RIP The Rock Garden

 "The Rock Garden is now [permanently] closed. 2005-2010. Was a good run. Thank you all for being part of it." - Rob MacArthur

Halifax's best jam space, for local and traveling musicians, closed its doors yesterday...

Tomcat Combat Jam

We wish Rob the best of luck in his future endeavors, with IOU Music and his family.
Rob, you have been a staple in the lives of all us Noisographers for years. Thank you for being there for us. We'll miss that great place, but bigger and better things lie ahead for you...

Thanks again,
The Noisography Team


We would like to inform all bands who may have gear currently at the Rock Garden to please pick it up ASAP.  Rob will be in the space tonight and tomorrow.

There will also be a sale of amps and the PAs, mics, cables and the like - starting this evening.


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